Student Union of Kajaani University of Applied Sciences

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Executive board

The student council selects the chair of the board and 4-7 board members. The board selects a vice-chair from among the board members and agrees on how to share the workload. The board’s period of office is one calendar year.

The board represents the local union and uses administrative and executive power. The executive director of the student union acts as secretary to the board.

Members of the board from 1.1.2019:

Milla Karvonen

Varpu Niskanen
Tutor Affairs, Vice President

Senja Hietanen
Welfare Tutor Affairs

Tea Tissari Jensen
Student Educational Affairs, Student Welfare

Kati Huhtala
KAMO Activities

Noora Karjunen
KAMO International Affairs

Timo Halonen
Marketing & Communications