Student Union of Kajaani University of Applied Sciences

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Promotion of Interests

Student Union KAMO monitors and represents its members’ interests and acts as a bridge between students and the University of Applied Sciences, and between students and society. The purpose of representation is to guarantee students a uniform and equal status in relation to their studies and welfare.

The main focuses of representation lie specifically within educational and social policy issues. In addition, KAMO pays particular attention to students’ rights and to the degree and assessment regulations of Kajaani University of Applied Sciences.

Tools of representation
In practice, representation means lobbying and providing statements, maintaining cooperation networks and selecting student members to various action committees, in which issues related to studying are prepared and decided.

Student representatives
As set out in the Polytechnic Act, KAMO represents all KAMK students and acts as KAMK’s official partner in matters pertaining to students. The aim of the strategic partnership is to intensify mutual cooperation between KAMO and KAMK beyond their legally binding duties.

KAMO’s statutory duties also include nominating students to the University Applied Sciences Board and other executive committees with many members. The nominations are made by KAMO’s student council according to the rules for selecting student members. Other nominations are made by KAMO’s board.