Student Union of Kajaani University of Applied Sciences

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Changing Your Card

If you lose your card, your name changes or you would simply like to order a new student card to replace an old one, please contact Kaffé Tauko.

Since the student card gains you access to a specific local student union, students who change universities of applied sciences must acquire a new card from the student union body of the new university of applied sciences they are attending. If you change degrees in the same university of applied sciences you will remain a member of the same student union and it will not be necessary to change the card unless required by the student body itself. It is also recommended that you renew your card, if your name changes.

If your membership is still valid, you will not have to pay the membership fee again. You pay only the card payment which is 10 euros

If you order a new card in the summer or at the start of the autumn, you need to pay the membership fee for the following year although your ongoing membership is still valid.