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Start Using Your Student Card on Pivo
Now also as a member of KAMO you can start using your student card on Pivo! With Pivo’s digital student card you can get student priced train and bus tickets, student lunches as well as all other student benefits! You can also make sure that your student card is always with you wherever you go.

Unlock a world of benefits
Get the best out of your studies with the student discounts found on Pivo! There are hundreds of benefits for you to use. You can easily check where you can get student discounts that you are interested in. For example, would you like a cheaper pint at your local pub or a half-priced sandwich from your nearest coffee shop? Check which benefits are closest to you on Pivo! Pivo’s student card is completely free to use and does not require your bank card information.

Activate Slice benefits to your use and save hundreds of euros in a year
Use thousands of student benefits locally and nationwide as a KAMO member! You can find benefits in your place of domicle and anywhere around Finland as much as 4 000 different benefit nationwide and what is best, new benefits are approved constantly around Finland.

You can identify the companies giving the benefits by a light blue Slice-sticker, which you can find usually close to the cash register or by the entrance. So remember to ask about the benefit if you see the Slice-sticker and use the benefit with Slice or Pivo application!

Identifying an active membership before using a new student card at Pivo
Before you can use the new student card in Pivo, you need to make sure that Pivo recognizes your active membership from the KAMO membership register. Pivo authenticates with social security number, so make sure you have your information in Kide.App.

To add a missing social security number to your personal information, follow these steps:
• Open the mobile app or log in to in your browser
• On the front page, click on the drop-down menu at the top right of the page (Figure icon)
• Select “account” from the drop-down menu
• On the Account page, select Memberships, KAMO Membership, and click on the stylus to edit information
• Fill in the missing information on the page that opens, first of all the social security number and save the changes
• Download Pivo app to your phone and register with your bank user identifiers
• Click on Student Card on the main view
• Follow the instructions to create your digital student card
Please note! There is a delay before Pivo recognizes you after you have added your social security number. So taking student card for use might not work instantly.

What is Pivo?
Pivo is a payment app that you can use to pay to you friend by only using their phone number – regardless of your or your friend’s bank. With Pivo, you can also pay in thousands of online stores without reaching for your plastic cards or personal credentials. You can also apply for Pivo Credit and pay for your shopping later when your bank account balance is better.

You can find some useful everyday services from Pivo: you can for example buy local bus tickets around Finland, use CityShoppari’s discounts, order food from Kotipizza and book tables through TableOnline. Customers of OP can also use contactless payment, check their balances and monitor their spending. Using Pivo is free and its usable with any bank account.