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International Tutoring

Together with the University of Applied Sciences, the international tutors are responsible for welcoming the foreign students and providing them with initial introduction and assisting them in taking care of practical matters. The task of the international tutor is to help the foreign students create social contacts and to adapt to Finland and Kajaani University of Applied Sciences. The foreign students are extremely keen to get to know Finnish students through whom they can become familiar with Finnish culture and practices.

The international tutors are not expected to make miracles but to provide practical advice. In practice, this means introducing the foreign students to everyday issues with which you are already familiar. The English you have learnt at school is enough to succeed as an international tutor, and acting as an international tutor is an excellent way to use and develop your language skills!

The employees and volunteers of KAMO and Kajaani University of Applied Sciences will be pleased to give you advice and support in practical matters. KAMO organises separate training for international tutors in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciences. Activities are planned and followed in regular international team meetings with KAMO’s head of international affairs, the executive director and other international tutors. The reward of active international tutoring will not only be better language skills and new friends, but also study credits.

Contact Information

Emma Hirsimäki
KAMO International Affairs
p. +358 44 325 0049