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Student Union KAMO

KAMO is the Student Union of our University of Applied Sciences. It is a non-profit-making association, which looks after the interests of KAMK students. KAMO tries to bring colour into student-life through its activities. KAMO also decides on the use of the students’  right to speak. There are student members in various teams within  Kajaani University of Applied Sciences.

KAMO organizes numerous events during the academic year, including outdoor recreation days and social evenings. The main activities are maintained by offering commercial services. KAMO provides services for students at discount prices and they are readily available. There is a kiosk both in the Taito 1 and Taito 2 buildings where textbooks, study materials and photocopying services can be bought.

The office of Student Union KAMO is located in building TAITO 2, address Ketunpolku 4. In the office you will find the Executive Director and also all the members of the board.

KAMO Activities

KAMO Activities arranges extracurricular activities and events open for all students. One of the aims is to offer possibilities for Finnish and foreign students to meet and have fun together. Please feel free to share any ideas of activities or events with KAMO!

Find the latest information on the KAMO Activities on Facebook:


Student tutoring in KAMK is coordinated by KAMO. The aim is to make sure students are comfortable with and committed to their studies.

Student tutoring means that students act as tutors to other students. It’s most active in the beginning of studies, when tutors welcome new students on their first days of school. Tutors work in co-operation with tutor teachers and bring students’ point of view to the guidance process. Personal experiences are a good base for tutor students. Some of the tutors present the KAMK and their degree programmes on different occasions, such as fairs and school visits. Some tutors specialize in guiding international students. Their aim is to help international students to get to know Finnish culture and customs. Every degree programme has its own tutor student in charge. They work as contact persons to other tutors and as representatives of the programmes in tutor workshops.

The Student Union KAMO together with its tutoring students are responsible for the welcoming of international students on arrival and helping them during their first days of studying. Tutoring students are there to help international students to create new social contacts as well as to adjust to living in Finland and studying at KAMK.

Arrival to Finland

With your acceptance package, you will receive a Notice of Arrival -form, which you are asked to fill in to inform the Student Union about the date and time of your arrival. This information is used to arrange reception for new international students on the first day they arrive to Kajaani. After making the travelling arrangements and confirming your tickets, please fill in the form and submit it to us by email. Further information on how to travel to Kajaani

If you arrive by plane: The tutoring students will arrange you a taxi to the airport. The airport in Kajaani is really small and there's only one flight at a time, so it will be no problem to find the correct taxi by asking for one on your name. The taxis usually don't hold any signs with your name. The taxi will take you directly to your accommodation, where the tutoring students will be waiting for you. The airport is located about 10 km away from the city center. It will cost approximately 15 - 20 euros for the taxi, depending on the arrival time. You will have to pay for this yourself.

If you arrive by train / bus: There will be a tutoring student waiting for you at the railway or bus station. They will help you to get a taxi to the accommodation and follow you there. Both railway and bus station are located in the city centre, approximately 1,5 km from the campus area. The taxi to campus will cost approx. 8 - 15 euros. You will have to pay for the taxi yourself.

If you arrive by own car: There will be a tutoring student with the keys waiting for you at the accommodation so please inform the exact arrival time on the notice of arrival.

By the accommodation, the tutoring student will give you your room keys and some other materials. It is important to study the materials carefully right at the beginning! If you have ordered a blanket (duvet) and pillow set, you will receive these on arrival.  The students will explain you some important matters at the beginning and also show you where and when you need to meet the other student on your first day of studies.