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KAMO Activities

The purpose of KAMO Activities is to create, by means of regularly organized events and leisure activities, an arena where students of different backgrounds and cultures who study at KAMK can meet. The aim of KAMO Activities’ operations is to produce and organize a variety of recreational events both for Finnish and foreign students.

As regards foreign students, the activities are intended to help them become familiar with the culture and environment of Finland. Communal events help foreign and Finnish students get to know each other promoting integration.

As regards Finnish students, the activities are intended to promote home-spun internationalization by offering students opportunities for socializing with foreign students. The aim is to encourage Finnish students to become familiar with unfamiliar cultures, and practice their foreign language skills.

The purpose of KAMO Activities and welfare tutoring is to promote a pleasant atmosphere and leisure activities. The activities are planned in the welfare team to which the heads of KAMO Activities, welfare tutoring and student welfare, belong. The team plans and brainstorms events to promote student welfare and supervises projects.

The students’ daily exercise services are coordinated through the Student Welfare Affairs. KAMO arranges different sports and welfare events for students. The head of KAMO Activities handles the planning and realization of many informal events and social evenings.

Ideas and challenges are gratefully received. Please contact us if you want to be part of planning and carrying out free-time activities and informal events.

Contact Information

Aleksi Korhonen

KAMO Activities