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Peer Tutoring

Every year, 40-50 volunteers are recruited as tutors. Any member of the KAMO student union interested in advising and counselling their peers can apply to be a tutor. Tutors are recruited each year in February and those chosen are trained in April-May.

Tutors work for one or two academic years. They receive study credits for active work. In addition, all tutors receive a sweater which helps new students to identify them. From time to time, KAMO rewards active student tutors for their work. 

Student tutoring or peer tutoring is advising or counselling other students. The most active tutoring occurs when students begin their studies and the student tutors welcome new students during their first days at the University of Applied Sciences. The student tutors work in cooperation with the teacher tutors, to ensure the views of students are taken into account.

Some of the student tutors work as marketing tutors, presenting the University of Applied Sciences and their own degree at various events. Foreign students also have their own student tutors, known as international tutors, whose work includes introducing foreign students to Kajaani University of Applied Sciences, and Finnish culture and etiquette. Welfare tutors organize exercise/sports and welfare events for students.

Each school in the University of Applied Sciences has its own head tutor who is the contact person for tutors in the same degree.  The head tutor also represents his/her degree in the tutor team.

Jonne Häyrynen
Tutor Affairs

Mira Nukari

Executive Director, Responsible for Tutor Affairs

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