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Kuha run 1.3. – 31.3.2020

KuHa run is almost here!

Have you thought about to try Kajaani’s hobby opportunities and cultural destinations, but haven’t done it yet? KuHa run is a perfect opportunity for that, because in March you can easily try and explore, of course with affordable student rates. As you explore new places, you can also earn an overall badge, if you participate actively!


What is KuHa run and how can I participate?

KuHa run is a month-long culture and hobby event, which is meant to get students more aware of Kajaani’s recreational opportunities. There are a lot of interesting destinations available, like Hokki, Kajaani’s Art Museum, Liikku and Biorex, so everyone will find something to try out.


You can participate by buying a pass from Kaffé Tauko starting on Monday 24th of February. The pass costs 2 euros. Then you only have to start visiting the destinations marked in the pass! From every place you visit, you’ll get a stamp to show your participation and after the event you can pick up your deserved patch. Time to collect the stamps is between 1.3. – 31.3.2020.


Instructions for KuHa Run pass:

You can proceed your pass in the order you want, but line by line. You need to visit at least five different locations before getting your first overall badge. In the last line (3 stamps) you can freely choose from all the locations listed above.  Be sure to show your KuHa running pass right away to get the possible discounts. You will receive the stamp after you are done.

How many stamps do I have to get?

  • 5 stamps = KuHa-Kandi overall badge
  • 10 stamps = KuHa-Maisteri overall badge
  • 18 stamps = KuHa-Tohtori overall badge

Receiving the overall badge

When the KuHa run is over (31st of march 2020) you can bring your running pass to Kaffé Tauko starting from Wednesday 1st of April and you will receive the overall badge. The overall badges are distributed until the end of April.


Remember that the purpose is to have fun while exploring Kajaani’s culture and hobby activities. Going with friends is allowed too!